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The Quarter Pony is a smaller version of the American Quarter Horse.
The following will help to understand the breed.

The Quarter Pony is required to mature at or under 14.2 hands.
Care must be taken to remember that “big” is not “better”
in the Quarter Ponyworld and all ponies 14.2 and under have
equal opportunity.

Quarter Ponies can come in any color or pattern.

The head of a Quarter Pony reflects alert intelligence.
This is due to his short, broad head, topped by small ears,
and by his wide set, kind eyes
and large, sensitive nostrils over a firm mouth.
Well devel
oped jaws give the impression of great strength.

The head of a Quarter Pony joins the neck at a near
forty-five degree angle,
with a distance between jaw-bone and neck muscle.
The medium length, slightly arched neck then blends into
sloping shoulders.

The Quarter Pony's unusually good saddle back
is created by hismedium-high but sharp withers extending well back
and combining with his deep sloping shoulders so that the saddle is
held in proper positionfor balanced action.

The Quarter Pony is deep and broad chested, as indicated by his
great heart girth and his wide-set heavy forelegs
which blend into his shoulders. The smooth joints and very short
cannons are set on clean fetlocks
and the medium length pasterns are supported by sound feet.
The powerfully muscled forearm tapers to the knee whether
viewed from the front or side.

The short saddle back of the Quarter Pony is characterized
by being close coupled and especially full and powerful across the kidney.
The barrel is formed by deep, well sprung ribs back to the hip joints,
and the under line comes
back straight to the flank.

The rear quarters are broad, deep, and heavy, viewed from either side or rear,
and are muscled so they are full through the thigh,
stifle, gaskin, and down to the hock. The hind leg is muscled inside and out,
the whole indicating the
great driving power the Quarter Pony possesses.
When viewed from the rear, there is great width extending evenly
from top of thigh to bottom
of the stifle and gaskin.
The hocks are wide, deep, straight, and clean.

The flat, clean bones are free from fleshiness and puffs that still
show a world of substance.
The foot is well rounded and roomy, with an especially deep, open heel.

The Quarter Pony normally stands perfectly at ease with his legs well under him;
this explains his ability to move quickly in any direction.

The Quarter Pony is very collected in his action and turns or stops with noticeable
ease and balance, with his hocks always well under him.

It should always be remembered that the primary purpose of the Quarter Pony is as a using pony
and conformation must be indicative of good movement and
soundness in whatever discipline the rider/driver chooses. Care should be taken to consider that ponies
shown at halter are often involved in other disciplines at the same time.
Ponies should be judged in performance condition. Pulled manes are not required as some disciplines
call for the mane to be flowing.
However, good grooming should be evident and mane should not obscure the pony's conformation.